Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some of my favorite links........

I've noticed that a lot of other bloggers have been adding lists of their favorite blogs, websites, videos, etc., so I thought it was high time for a post about some of my favorites! Afterall, I've got a ton of pages 'bookmarked', so why not?

My Favorite Links:

First off, here's a program I found called Pure Fashion. By training girls as models, and putting on shows as well as teas and workshops, they're starting a movement to show the world that it, 'is possible to be stylish, cute, and modest.' Make sure to check out their modesty guidelines! They had some good points that really make sense.

Here's a neat site where you can see all the female guest stars on Bonanaza, from all the different seasons! I was really surprised to see Loretta Swit from M*A*S*H, as well as Dawn Wells and Tina Louise from Gilligan's Island.

This is really neat. It's a list of 100+ Money Making Ideas for Teens. Some of the ideas are really creative!

Here is a link on how to make a 1940's pillbox hat from the blog Tuppence Ha'Penny Vintage. I haven't had much of a chance to really explore the blog, but it looks very cool!

Next is a link to the Classy Clothes Pinterst site. It's changed a little bit over the course of me browsing it, but many of the pictures are still fun and very vintage-y.

How many of you have been following BBC's hit mystery series, Sherlock starring Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman? I certainly have! Remember the websites and blogs the characters are portrayed as having in the show? They're real! Visit Sherlock Holme's The Science of Deduction,  John Watson's blog, and Molly Hooper's blog. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

This is intersting, but I basically agree with it. Read this list of Top 10 Lost Rules of Ettiquette.

Can you tell that I'm obsessed? Here's a link to photos of Bennedict Cumberbatch from his website.

Here's a great site for Christian girls: godlygirlsforgod.2ya.com

Here's a post on Vintage Teen Girl Bedrooms by Key Interiors by Shinay. Recognize some of the photos? They were used in our 'A Fresh Start: Rooms' post.

This is an awesome site if you're looking for Victorian Sewing Patterns.

Here's a great resource for everything Shetland sheep.

I'ved used this site to find good book quotes for everything from essays, blog posts, or the bottom of my email.

Modcloth feautured a contest where you create a Pinterest page of your favorite fashion icon from the past. Here are my two favorites: Laura Petrie , the wife of Rob from the Dick Van Dyke Show, and Clara Bow a popular figure of the 1920's.

Here's the 2012 Summer Olumpic Schedule, absolutely vital for supporting Team USA!

I just found this awesome blog called Already Pretty Check out her outfit ideas; many contain adorable skirt and blouse combos!

This is a super fun blog that is great for a good read: Through the Lilac Bushes.

One of my great friends writes this blog about being a biathlete and nordic skier. Check it out!

Here is another blog I write....it's all about my mum and all the awesome things she does.

Here is yet another video by Traci Hines, this time singing 'Kiss the Girl'. Probably my absolute favorite Disney song!

This is a grat site for dresses, blouses, skirts, and tons of vintage things. Yes, it's expensive, and I've never actually bought anything there, but it's great for inspiration!

Whew! That was longer than I though. Hope you enjoyed it! What did you think? Anything you like? What are some of your favorite links? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks for reading! :)

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