Saturday, March 28, 2015

:: March 2015 ::

5 Epic Things That Happened This Month:

+Went to Vermont Theater on Ice Festival! (Actually, I'm there now....stay on the lookout for a recap!). 

+Participated in 4-H County Activities Day for the last time before I age out. :( But I loved my speech and the day was awesome...we topped it off with a county-wide dinner out!

+Got to spend some much needed time catching up with Mikaela! We got to see Cinderella (and snuck fries and Moxie into the theater....). So good!

+Learned my new skating routine. And felt very refocused with my practices, so that's exciting!

+Felt a lot more in control, and was able to get back to a life rhythm I've been lacking.

Last Month's Goals (adding a section!):

+Stay focused. Actually, yeah! It took some time, but I've been able to get a good amount done and settle into a rhythm that allows me to consistently get stuff done, but not feel 'stuck'. 

+Do some much needed shopping. Ummm....nope. Woops.

+Push myself in each skating practice. Learned my routine, re-committed to off ice, and have been working harder during practices. 

+Have a better attitude. It took a bit, but I definitely feel like I'm leaving the month with a better attitude than I had going in.

Goals For Next Month:

+Do yoga more consistently.

+Skate in Ice Chips and my club's spring show.

+Go shopping!!

+Land a double salchow. :)

+Do a forearm headstand without help. 

On The Blog:

+This month, I asked your opinion on a prom dress, shared 5 Attitudes For A Happier Spring, and got cheesy talkin about friends.

+Also I started my tumblr back up! I've been posting there a couple of times a week. :) I'd love for you guys to check it out, I'm really enjoying sharing snippets through micro-blogging!

Recommended Reads:

+The cutest mommy-daughter yogi combo. Oh my word, I can't take the cuteness. 

+And from yours truly: Things Cousins Say, To New Skaters, and Doing It All.

How was your March? Kick a lot of butt?
Let's make a positive April, okay, Cheeka?
Happy Weekend! xoxo

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Saturday, March 21, 2015


It sounds cheesy, but my sorta-ish-new-years-resolution was to 'be more social'.

I love people. I love connecting. I really need close people around me. But, sometimes I forget.

There's been times when I've easily gone a month without actually hanging out with friends. I talk to people at skating, and work, and class, obviously, and maybe I texted and skyped with people, but I didn't hang out. Or make time for a real catch-up. I've always known I have the tendency to do this. There are so many examples of when me and my best friends go a strangely long time without really catching up. It's what happens when you're both busy people pursuing different things.
^^Ancient Photo
But what I hadn't realized before was the necessity of connecting. I'm sure everyone is rolling their eyes at this point, but it honestly wasn't until this past winter I realized that I get really, really cranky when I haven't seen my best friend. I get frazzled. And anxious. And definitely more negative and more insecure.

I am so, so grateful for all the people in my life. I've been blessed with amazing family and friends and friends that have become family. I'd say at this point, I have some of the closest relationships I've ever had. 2014...wasn't the best. But now, I can see how it pulled together the great connections I'm having now.

I can be a hard person to be a friend to. I can be clingy, and I can drop off the face of the earth. Sometimes I'm spontaneous, and others I want to do absolutely nothing. I'm busy and never have time for anything and can sometimes be very selfish. It usually takes me a long time to form a close friendship, and I don't do very well with a more casual friendship. But the one thing, is that I don't let go. I believe friendships can (and should) last a lifetime, and aren't meant to be dropped after one fight or one falling out. You have to fight for them, just like any other love.

So, friends, thanks for sticking with me. Loving me. Fighting with me. I'm beyond blessed to have all of you.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Attitudes for a Happier Spring




Everything's blooming!

All that crap!!

You knew I had to get a Seinfeld reference in there somewhere, didn't you? ;)

As winter trudges by (and believe me, this winter trudged), it's all too easy to fall into ruts. Maybe it's the lack of light or the cold or the slush that keeps us from wearing our favorite shoes, but it's safe to say that winter often induces a bored, negative outlook. I definitely know I've been in and out of ruts all season.

But with spring comes the perfect opportunity to intentionally shed the winter bleghs and gain some perspective! I said intentionally because that's what it really takes to turn your attitude around. Don't float about waiting for moods and feelings--step up and take charge! Hope you like these five mantras perfect for a happier spring.

01: Be The Real Deal.

No time for fakers. Or talkers. Or haters. Don't tell people you're someone great, be someone great. They'll figure it out for themselves, promise. ;P

02: Dig Deeper.

So simple, but so true. Dig in your heels and reach inside yourself, totally unafraid to search for that original, motivated, complete essence of you. You might just surprise yourself.

03: To love is to risk, therefore, to love is to be brave.

When a relationship ends (romantic or otherwise), the last thing we usually feel is brave. But opening yourself up enough to love someone is a hard and noble act. Be proud of yourself! You're a rockin superhero out to save the world with her big heart.

04: Life is Short (Don't Be Lazy).

Not in work. Or art. Or friendships. Or keeping up values. Or heading to yoga. Life's too short (and you're too smart) to be lazy.

05: She Believed She Could So She Did.

What do you want to do? Go do it. Simple as that.

Happy Weekend! xoxo

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is this dress ugly??

So, I've been prom dress shopping.

Errrr, thinking about prom dress shopping.

Errrrr, scrolling through Pinterest.

Anyways, I found this dress on Modcloth. I think it's pretty, and I really like it, but then I showed to my best guy friend and he said it was ugly.

But, I mean, what do boys know, right? So I showed it to my best friend (his sister).

And she didn't really like it, either.

So now, I'm not sure if the dress is ugly and I'm the only one who doesn't realize it, or if it's gorgeous and no one else can see it.


-Cute short length.
-Fit-and-flare cut.
-The 'tacky-not-tacky' 90's sofa floral that I LOVE. Yes, I love it.
-Lower back.
-Not a bad price.
-Versatile for after prom.
-Dark, elegant, grown up...while still be flirty and fun.


-Perhaps too casual?
-The top might have some issues staying up....
-It might be really short...and I can't try it on, obviously, so there's that.
-Is it actually ugly?


Imagine it with a cute top knot and bow, with brown sandal wedges that lace up the ankle a bit.

So now, I'm coming to you guys: is this dress ugly or awesome? What are you wearing to prom?

Happy Weekend! xoxo