Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cow Print Nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed at a local fair from Wednesday until Sunday helping with the petting much fun!!!!!!!!! A good many of my 4H friends were there showing animals, so, being the awesome Strafford county girls we are, we painted our nails cow print!!!!!! It was so much fun. We even convinced some of the boys to let us do their thumbs. :) One of my friends was showing sheep the next day, so we added clear glitter polish over the cow print so her nails could match her bling belt! 

You Will Need:
White Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
Awesome friends (it is possible to paint your nails cow print alone, but it's so much more fun with fellow farmgirls!)

Here's How To:

1. Paint on a coat of white polish. Do one stroke down the middle, then one on either side for a smooth look. 

2. After the first coat has dried, add another. Continue adding coats until the white fully covers. Allow polish to dry between coats so it will stay smooth.

3. Have a friend help you make irregular, black splotches on your nails. Two splotches per nail is OK, but I think that three different splotches looks better.

Ta da!!!!!!! We had so much fun doing this and got compliments all week long. Just have fun with it! We contemplated experimenting with different colored cow print, but we didn't get a chance to....if you do, tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. You are all very creative! Cute - BTW, I love the button with the link to the national 4H site. Did you create that, or did you download it from somewhere? I would love to put it on our blog.

    1. I created it. I found the picture on Google Images. I love hearing about the 4H projects you're doing! Thanks for stopping by! :)