Friday, July 13, 2012

Olympic Uniforms....

Just a quick post about something I was very excited to find today....

Designer Ralph Lauren has recently released the 2012 U.S.A. Olympic Uniforms. They will be issued to all members of the U.S. team, and be worn at the opening and closing ceremonies. The outfits are reminiscent of those worn in 1948; the last time the Olympics was held in England. The design also gives a slight nod to the U.S. Navy uniforms.

I was pleasantly surprised by these uniforms. They are very polished, yet hard working, and I can't wait to see our American athletes wearing them! These are simply amazing and so appropriate for the ceremonies. 


  1. I enjoy the Olympics, but I never knew about the whole suit thing! That's rather neat. And I agree with you that those are definitely very nice and and classy looking. :)
    You have a very nice blog! Thank you for stopping by mine. :)

  2. Thanks. :) I know, I didn't realize the got dressier uniforms until I started surfing around Google.....
    Thanks! I love your blog, by the way.