Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Goals: Check Ins, Recaps, Updates!

On August 16, I wrote a post that detailed my goals for the 'new' year. Now, almost exactly two months later, I'm looking back, drawing some conclusions, and pulling myself together for another stretch.

There's a lot of things I didn't do. Some I half did. And others I completely checked off. As always, there are things I want to change, and things I'm super happy with. But progress is the point, and I'm really happy to say that there's been lots of that!

The last list was broken up into sections, so I did the same here. In each section, I have the status of the goals from my last list, followed by my new goals.


From last time:

1.) Testing Junior Moves in the Field. Done! And passed!

2.) Land a double salchow and a double loop. Not yet. It's kind of frustrating, actually. But they are getting closer.

3.) Take jump lessons. Yes! I'm really proud of this. In August, this seemed like such a big step. But I've since gotten it all set up and worked out, and I'm now taking jump lessons from another coach every Wednesday. She actually used to coach my main coach, so it's all connected! Definitely a good decision.

4.) TOI Boston tryouts. I went to both days of tryouts, and am skating with the senior team, Act 1! So happy to start learning choreography and really get the season underway. :)

5.) Daily yoga practice. Still struggling to get into the habit of this, but it's better than it was. I really do enjoy yoga, and notice a huge difference when I'm diligent with it, so I'm committing to doing more.

6.) Off-Ice training. Still haven't signed up for a gym. And I've literally not ran or biked or done anything but skating and yoga. It's shameful and needs to change.

Current Goals:

7.) Land a double salchow, double loop, and double toe loop. Think big!

8.) Perfect a flying camel and a flying sit spin. Flying camel needs better timing, flying sit actually needs to...spin.

9.) Get gym membership (and start going). 

10.) Re-commit to daily yoga. And work on arm balances: forearm headstand, fling pigeon, and eight angle pose.

11.) Send in an application video to Disney on Ice. I've avoided writing that as a goal here forever. It just seemed so scary to have it out like that. But I am so, so excited for this.


From last time:

12.) Finish registering as a Basic Skills instructor. I did! Need to finish the background check though.

13.) Sell stuff online. I've been posting stuff to Etsy, selling some books on Homeschool Classifieds, and I sent in a ThredUp bag. So yeah!

Current Goals:

14.) Further my writing. I want to keep blogging regularly, and even bump it up. I'd like to post here five times a week. And I'd like to start applying to write other places. Like guest posting, or being a contributor somewhere.

15.) Finish the background check. And get a regular job coaching. Right now I'm on sub lists, but I'd love a regular job.

16.) Keep trying to sell stuff online.

Okay, so I feel like I was kinda all over the place in this post. But honestly, I feel all over the place. My aim right now is just to keep experimenting and grinding to find a rhythm that works, but also not wait for that rhythm before getting down to work. There's a lot to try and see and do. And it's not waiting for anybody.

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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