Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is this dress ugly??

So, I've been prom dress shopping.

Errrr, thinking about prom dress shopping.

Errrrr, scrolling through Pinterest.

Anyways, I found this dress on Modcloth. I think it's pretty, and I really like it, but then I showed to my best guy friend and he said it was ugly.

But, I mean, what do boys know, right? So I showed it to my best friend (his sister).

And she didn't really like it, either.

So now, I'm not sure if the dress is ugly and I'm the only one who doesn't realize it, or if it's gorgeous and no one else can see it.


-Cute short length.
-Fit-and-flare cut.
-The 'tacky-not-tacky' 90's sofa floral that I LOVE. Yes, I love it.
-Lower back.
-Not a bad price.
-Versatile for after prom.
-Dark, elegant, grown up...while still be flirty and fun.


-Perhaps too casual?
-The top might have some issues staying up....
-It might be really short...and I can't try it on, obviously, so there's that.
-Is it actually ugly?


Imagine it with a cute top knot and bow, with brown sandal wedges that lace up the ankle a bit.

So now, I'm coming to you guys: is this dress ugly or awesome? What are you wearing to prom?

Happy Weekend! xoxo


  1. You should definitely get it if you love it!! I've always had good experiences buying clothes online, just do the measurements carefully and look at pictures to see how it fits models of similar heights :-)