Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Attitudes for a Happier Spring




Everything's blooming!

All that crap!!

You knew I had to get a Seinfeld reference in there somewhere, didn't you? ;)

As winter trudges by (and believe me, this winter trudged), it's all too easy to fall into ruts. Maybe it's the lack of light or the cold or the slush that keeps us from wearing our favorite shoes, but it's safe to say that winter often induces a bored, negative outlook. I definitely know I've been in and out of ruts all season.

But with spring comes the perfect opportunity to intentionally shed the winter bleghs and gain some perspective! I said intentionally because that's what it really takes to turn your attitude around. Don't float about waiting for moods and feelings--step up and take charge! Hope you like these five mantras perfect for a happier spring.

01: Be The Real Deal.

No time for fakers. Or talkers. Or haters. Don't tell people you're someone great, be someone great. They'll figure it out for themselves, promise. ;P

02: Dig Deeper.

So simple, but so true. Dig in your heels and reach inside yourself, totally unafraid to search for that original, motivated, complete essence of you. You might just surprise yourself.

03: To love is to risk, therefore, to love is to be brave.

When a relationship ends (romantic or otherwise), the last thing we usually feel is brave. But opening yourself up enough to love someone is a hard and noble act. Be proud of yourself! You're a rockin superhero out to save the world with her big heart.

04: Life is Short (Don't Be Lazy).

Not in work. Or art. Or friendships. Or keeping up values. Or heading to yoga. Life's too short (and you're too smart) to be lazy.

05: She Believed She Could So She Did.

What do you want to do? Go do it. Simple as that.

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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