Sunday, January 19, 2014

15 Winter Wardrobe Rants

Interview outfit lace blazer high-waisted pencil skirt black heels via Young Yankee Lady

Alright, ladies. I think we need a pep talk.

The line between dressing comfortably and looking absolutely frumpy has been blurred. Call me judgmental, but I'm really tired of seeing people dress themselves in the most unflattering way possible. So many people are genuinely pretty, but then they dress in a way that takes all the focus away from that.

So here's the hard truth: dressing tackily makes it look like you don't care about yourself, the people you're with, or the situation. Now, we all know that's not true. You respect yourself, love the people you're with, and care about what's going on around you. So, let's start dressing like that.

Interview outfit lace blazer high-waisted pencil skirt black heels via Young Yankee Lady

The following list isn't rules, because the whole idea of 'fashion rules' is flawed. They are, however, things that have been bugging me lately about how people dress. Now, most people don't obsess over clothes like I do, and therefore will think that this whole post is silly. BUT. The way people dress is always influenced by what they think. Can't we show the world that we're classy, caring individuals?

1.) Yoga pants aren't pants. I love yoga pants. I get home from skating and immediately pull them on. However, they are not pants. They're glorified sweats. As such, they shouldn't be worn outside of the house, or as part of an 'outfit', unless you're actually working out in them.

2.) Flats shouldn't be worn with socks. I know it's tempting, and honestly, this is my worst style habit. Flats are meant to be worn with either tights, nylons, or those adorable little 'flat socks' that are shaped like the shoe and therefore hidden. And if it's too cold to not have socks? Then you should probably be wearing boots, anyways.

3.) Wear nylons. Just wear them. They aren't as bad as you think they are, I promise.

4.) Dress for the weather. The other day it was snowing, and I saw a girl wearing high heeled sandals. Seriously? You have to dress for the weather. If you're cold, wear layers, if you're hot, wear something breezy. Wear shoes that can withstand rain, or snow, or mud, or whatever you'll be walking in.

5.) Be aware of your clothing. As in, realize how you should be sitting in relation to what you're wearing. And be aware if clothing has the tendency to move. The reason should be obvious.

6.) Don't let the hems of your pants drag on the ground. Some pants are worn with flats, and some are worn with heels. Realize that, hem pants appropriately, and enjoy unstained, perfectly dry pants.

7.) Stop. Wearing. Uggs. *duck as Uggs fly towards my head* They look funny. Pardon me, but no one's foot looks like two ovals stalked on top of each other. Plus, they're really mainstream. Style does not come from the mainstream. The fact is, they're are tons of warm, cozy, comfy winter boots out there that offer more style than Uggs.

8.) Stop with the sneakers. Wearing sneakers in the snow is just insane to me. Won't they get your feet wet?

9.) Understand what you're dressing for. Interviews are not the time for fluffy skirts. Sweatshirts should not be worn to church, or to see a play, or, well, anywhere other than lounging and working out. Dress appropriately for the situation.

10.) Avoid raccoon eyes. Makeup's supposed to accentuate your pretty complexion, or eyes, or lips...not make you look even more tired by having really black eyes. Take your makeup off completely at night, and adjust it during the day if it has a habit of smudging.

11.) Don't wear a fleece jacket over your gorgeous outfit. Seriously. Stop wearing something really cute,  only to top it off with an old fleece jacket that you never take off. You might as well have worn a sweatshirt, because we can't see your outfit, anyways. Why can't we simply make our outfit warm enough to avoid the fleece?

12.) Stop hating on heels. There are three types of people: people who love heels, people love the idea of heels, and people who despise heels. For the two last groups, just know this: there ARE comfortable heels out there, you just haven't found them yet. Someday a surprising comfortably, totally beautiful heel will make its way into your life and change how you think. Just keep trying. PS-comments like "how do you possibly walk in those?" or "I just like to be comfortable." are really annoying to those of us who love heels. Please, just humor us.

13.) Get a nice coat. Nothing irks me more than people showing up with thoughtfully put together outfits, topped off with ugly puffer coats. No. Stop. Get a nice coat, and wear it. Puffer coats are for skiing.

14.) Carry your bag like a pro. Like number 2, this one's especially difficult for me. We shouldn't 'schlub' our bags. We should carry them comfortably over the shoulder, in the crook of our arm, or elegantly clutched. Schlubbing doesn't look classy.

15.) Grab a scarf. Now that you've completed number 13, you need to wear a scarf. Why? Well, scarves are incredibly warm. Also, anyone who takes the trouble to match a cute scarf to their coat look instantly more put together. Scarves can match, contrast, or do whatever they need to...but you can make your coat look like an outfit when you add a scarf. And that's pretty cool.

So there you have it, 15 Winter Wardrobe Rants in one rather long blog posts. Thanks so much to everyone who made it to the end, and for those of you who didn't, well, you're not reading this, anyway. Have a great day, everyone! Stay classy, my friends.

Interview outfit lace blazer high-waisted pencil skirt black heels via Young Yankee Lady

Outfit Details: blazer / / jc penny's, top / / jc penny's & professionally altered, belt / / came with another dress, pencil skirt / / thrifted, nylons / / walmart, heels / / thrifted, jewelry / / gifts & heirloom.

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  1. But Young Yankee Lady - what if I like looking like a slob?

  2. Or wear stockings and garters which DOESN'T cut off circulation of the abdomen. And then you can wear cute tap pants or knit shorts if you're cold in the upper thigh area.

    Also, UGGs are a reasonable boot. They are warm, and they keep you dry (if you waterproof them properly). I've had my UGG boots for 15 years now, and they are still warm, dry and snug. Do I think they are anything other than snow boots? No! But I'm certainly not going to wear my cute leather boots in the snow. (Granted, my UGGs lace and aren't suede, so perhaps I just have better boots.)

    If you live in a very cold climate, and New England is often so, a down-filled, long coat IS the best option. There really isn't anything warmer, and that is far more important than a sleek, shittily-lined wool coat. Also, one usually takes a coat off when entering a building, and why are we judging fashion for what one wears when bundled to protect the body from a 40 min walk?

    Other than that, your opinions don't actually seem ridiculous. :-P But you DO look freezing in those pictures!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I think my biggest issue with Ugg boots is that people wear them with what would otherwise be a cute outfit....not just when they're actually in the snow. In terms of coats, I'm just going by my own experience. Obviously you should dress for the weather, and a warm coat is practical. For me, though, my wool coats have always been warmer than my puffy coats!

      Haha, I actually wasn't that cold! If I was, I would have been a wimp and taken indoor photos. I'm blaming it on the fact that it was early, and I never know what to do with my arms, so I just hug myself. :)

  3. Knowing your comment about UGGs, I had them on the brain. So imagine my surprise today when on the T I saw the CUTEST UGG boots! They're apparently at least one season old, so it's near impossible to find my size.

    Aren't they darling? They're called the Lina, and the young woman wearing them said she got them for Christmas and they're very warm and comfy. They look just like LLBean boots, but without all that rubber.

  4. And apparently spamming your inbox...

    Checking out your "about the author" section makes me unsurpised that work-out pants/yoga pants and UGGs make your list as both for skating and your age group probably make them a common sight!

    Also, RE: the puffy coats. I think it only works if it's a LONG puffy coat. Not a ski jacket, which lets your butt get cold. (That's the thing I always hate about ski trips -- I'm not going to bring two jackets, but my butt gets REALLY COLD whenever I have to go somewhere that's not on the slopes.)

    1. Those Lina Boots are cute...I've always loved the look of duck boots. Such a New England staple!

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. lol... i am loving this list! :) also love your outfit.... love blazers over dress. that's usually my style :)

    Found your blog via Watch What I'm Wearing link up... hope you stop by and let me know your thoughts on my outfit. I am also having a giveaway! :)

    Rhea, Et Cetera - chevron dress & blazer

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your outfit is very cute, the colors of the dress!