Monday, December 30, 2013

Handmade In Action: Ena

You know those people that should be totally infuriating, and yet you can never be mad at them for long? Yeah. Well, my cousin Ena is one of those.

Christmas outfit full skirt green blue cardigan vintage

This girl is hysterical. She's a hurricane. She's everything but normal, and that's definitely one of the many reasons I love her. She'll do anything in front of a camera and laugh it off later. She has a comeback to everything, bounces around, and can down a gallon of ice cream in one day by herself.

When she was about four or five, she went to a Chinese restaurant with her dad. Eventually the waiter came up, and with very broken English attempted to take their orders. After several minutes of confusion, he walked away. Ena, putting on her most metropolitan expression, leaned forward and said, "That's the problem with these places: they all speak Spanish."

Christmas outfit green full skirt blue cardigan vintage ll Young Yankee Lady

Gifted with a baby-bird style of always getting her way, Ena's always been an opputrunist. She could conince her older sister, Lily, to clean her room simply because she told her to. She can get out of doing dishes by not doing them and getting the 'older and more responsible' Lily in trouble for not getting it done. Ena's the sole reason Grandma buys Poptarts, and somehow manages to get milkshakes after the ice cream is supposedly gone.
Driving to Missouri this past summer in my uncle's bus, there one was seat that was unanimously considered 'the best'. As we started the trip back, AJ began arguing for it. Ena's logic? "I had it on the way here, so I should get it on the way back, too."

Christmas outfit green full skirt blue cardigan vintage headband ll Young Yankee Lady

One of our favorite family pastimes is making movies. Some are elaborate, most are outright silly. The bloopers are usually longer than the actual movie, and Ena never fails to make an appearence. Our favorite is when she is 'tied' to a chair, and yet still takes her hand and scratches her nose while filming. Most of her appearences, though, happen when she interupts a scene. Like falling down the porch stairs as Lily and I struggle over lines, playing with a whoopie cushion during a 'serious' scene, and forgetting to turn the camera off when she's been pressed with the all-important task of 'hitting the button'.

So happy birthday, my wonderful girl. Enjoy being 13. Love you.

cousins red sox game ll Young Yankee Lady

Outfit Details: dress and slip / / made by me, cardigan / / jc penny's, heels / / thrifted, heandband / / eastern states exposition, belt / / stole from mum, nylons / / walmart.

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