Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Of Birthdays and Winter Time

Have you ever had a day, when things were just right? Where you felt content, cozy, and cared for? Where everything fit easily in place and just made sense? This is one of those days.

Today I turned 16. We had sweet little get together with all my little cousins (except one, who was sick today) and my aunt. After church we came home to a yummy meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and fruit salad. While Mum was finishing preparing it, we older cousins switched between helping out and playing with the little ones. Oatmeal Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting followed, and then present time. :)

My grandmother's gift was wrapped in the Barbie birthday bag I've had ever since I was born. She always puts her present in there and I just love seeing that bag every year. From my aunt and little cousins came an adorable card with the sweetest notes inside. On the back they taped a gas card, for when I get my license. :) Then came the figurine from my Mum...the 16th of the 'Growing Up Birthday Girls' porcelain figures. I have all the others, and she's the last of the set. Then came the present I'd been guessing at since the night before; a large rectangular something or other hidden underneath a thick blanket. I pulled back the blanket to see a gorgeous dark stained hope chest. As I lifted the lid, my Dad told me that it was the same one that had been sitting in my parent's bedroom ever since I could remember; just refinished and fixed up to the point that I hadn't even recognized it! The chest is 60 years old; my paternal grandfather originally gave it to my grandmother for an engagement present. I'm so happy that I'll be able to continue it's legacy. Inside Mum and Dad had packed away little treasures; green kitchen mixing bowls and knick knacks for that green kitchen I'm always dreaming about, my paternal grandmother's framed wedding picture, pictures of my baptism this past summer, a yellow tea pot, and 4 crystal dishes Mum found at a thrift store, with the same design as my grandmother's set! I almost cried when I opened it, it was just so beautiful.

Soon the cousins headed home and I did chores at the barn. Just as I had hoped, it was snowing. Just a dusting, but still. I went on a long walk and just marveled at the wintertime. This is definitely my favorite season, everything about it is just so simply and ruggidly beautiful. I'm sitting in my grandmother's apartment now, the snow still falling. The only light is from the fireplace and her Christmas tree. 

Perhaps not many girls think that meatloaf, snow, little cousins, and a wool skirt make the perfect birthday, but it certainly has made my day happy. Every age seems like such a landmark....and then you actually are that age for a year and find out what it really means. I'm looking forward to 16, just like I looked forward to 9, and 12, and 15. 

Hope everyone is staying warm, and enjoying their preparations for the holidays! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Christmas!

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