Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Year In Photos....January 2012

Happy day-after-Christmas, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful day and season, and are moving happily towards 2013. Which brings me to.....

A new post series! With the new year on the way, I thought I'd start a new post series to recap what 2012 was like for me! I'm going to do a series of photos from each month, and probably carry this on throughout January. I hope everyone enjoys!  

January 2012 was packed with skating, state level 4H interviews for National 4H Conference and National 4H Congress, a skating competition, and, of course, rehearsals for State Fair!

One of the moms took publicity shots for the play! Here's the one with me....I don't even remember my hair being that short! To my left is my friend Ashley. 

Lexie, Maggie, and Meaghan...showgirls!

Here's Caleb playing Patt, Bailey playing Margy, and Chris playing Harry.

And here is Caleb with his character's side-kick, played by Mike.

Here is my brother, AJ, (Chief of Police) and his 'daughter', (Violet) played by Eileen.

And State Fair's first family! We have Dylan (playing Wayne), Ashley (playing Mrs. Frake), Turner (playing Mr. Frake), and Bailey, (playing Margy). 

Here we have Tessa (playing Elanor) with Dylan. 

Hope everyone enjoyed! I'll be back later with February's. What do you think: too many pictures? Leave a comment!

Photos taken by Mrs. Jennings.

Thanks for reading! :)

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