Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why Blouses are Awesome

I've always liked a good blouse, but it's only been this summer that I've really started utilizing and loving them. I own 14 blouses, in sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4's, and long styles. I have a bunch of colors and even a few prints. I wear almost all of them through the summer, or under a sweater in winter. Below, you will find a list of reasons why I love, love, love, love, love blouses.

Blouses are more comfortable than T-shirts. At least I think so. I've always had trouble finding a good T. They're all either too baggy (I insist on everything being impeccably fitted) or too tight (I'm a farmgirl....I need freedom of motion!) The ease of motion in a blouse cannot be beat by ANY off the rack T. Plus, they're  they're light and cool during summer, and great under (or over) an extra layer in the winter. Win win!

Blouses look better. Again, that's my opinion. But a couple of years ago, I was taking riding lessons at a local barn with my friend. We were walking back from one of the field, and my friend said, "You look like the rich girl who owns the stable, I look like I just rolled out of bed!" We were both equally dirty, grimy, and sweaty. We had the same helmet hair, knotted ponytails, and red faces. So, what was the difference? I had pulled on a blouse with a belt, while she had worn a favorite, loose-fitting T. Blouses instantly add something unique, classier, and dressier to an outfit, even if they're still paired with sneakers and shorts. And it's takes the exact same amount of time to slip into a blouse than to pull on a regular shirt!

Blouses are more versatile. The blouse really hasn't changed that much throughout history. So, they can take on virtually any style, be it vintage, classic, edgy, or indie. Plus they can be worn with anything: tucked into pencil skirts, un-tucked with shorts, slipped under jumper dresses or worn with an unbuttoned sweater cardigan. And, they act as great transition pieces between seasons.

They'll look nicer longer. I don't know if it's true for everybody, but it's that way with me. While a plethora of rainbow colored T's will last me one summer, I've been wearing the same blouses, with only a few new additions, for years! And, some of my newer-to-me blouses have been thrifted, but you'd never be able to tell the difference. I have no idea why, but they seem to clean up better, withstand a little ware and tare, not stretch, and always look fresher compared to my summer T's.

So, those were some of my thoughts! Following are some of my favorite blouses, and fun ideas on how to wear them! Enjoy!

Wear a blouse underneath a jumper dress.

I absolutely love the blue blouse in the top left corner! Those pleated sleeves are too cute! 

This may be an add for shoes, but I just love her outfit! Such a practical way to wear vintage.

Wear a blouse with a loud color or print underneath a neutral sweater.

One of my favorite summer outfits to stay cool in-a white sleeveless blouse with a ruffled color, denim cutoffs, comfy flats, and a dressy straw hat.

One of my church outfits-white pencil skirt, black blouse with front ruffle, straw hat.

I wore this outfit biking the other was perfect other than the fact that my hat kept wanting to blow away! :) The blouse looks a little rumpled after I'd been wearing it all day, but it was crisp and fresh and oh so flattering in the morning!

I know, I know....another shorts and blouse combo. But I just had to show you this one! I bought it at a thrift store for just $1. It is so comfortable and just the cutest thing!

A closeup of the details of the blouse.....buttons up the cuff and a slight puff sleeve.

I'm thinking of this as a very 'smart' summer-fall outfit. A gray pencil skirt, white sleeveless blouse, navy blue sweater, and blue-gingham print wedges.

I just had to show you this blouse! It's my absolute favorite white shirt. I use it summer through winter, wear it under sweaters, with pencil skirts, or with a black skirt and belt for a 4H uniform. Sorry for no 'modeling' pictures with it....My hair was a mess and I was still in my skating tank top and leggings, so I didn't feel like a photoshoot.....

Just a closeup of the pintucking detail on the front of the shirt.

Do you prefer blouses or T-shirts? What are your favorite tops? Fun ideas on how to wear blouses? Leave a comment! And, as always, thanks for reading! :)

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