Friday, July 24, 2015

Raised Geeky

Day 23 of the July Everyday Geek Challenge with Dia at The Lady Geek, 'Our Upbringings and How We're Geeky'.

Every 45 year-old man that comes through my line at work and sees my name-tag:

Hey, you know who my favorite actress is?

Gillian Anderson?

Yeah! I can't believe you know who she is!

I was named after her. My parents were a little too into The X-Files when they had me.

When we were younger, AJ and I went through a phase of always having to coordinate costumes on Halloween. We were a flower and a bumblebee. We were both skeletons. We were Woody and Jesse. And....we were Legolas and Gimli.

He was Legolas.

I was Gimli.

I had a beard and everything and it was easily one of the best things that has ever happened. 

The funny thing is, at the time I was completely unaware of how funny it was for a 10 year-old girl to be walking around in a brown, fluffy beard with an axe. I was just thrilled to be dressed as my favorite character.

When we were little and watching LotR for the first time, my mom banned us from two scenes: the ones with the orcs being birthed from the ground or whatever, and the one where Smeagol turns into Gollum. She said they were just gross and scary. I resolutely covered my eyes during those scenes from about age 7 through 12. My brother watched through the gaps in Mom's fingers our first time.

It was a grand event, the first time I ever watched A&E's Pride and Prejudice. PBS was re-showing it when I was 11, and I stayed up till the shocking hour of 10:30 six Sundays in a row to see it. 

It was beautiful and funny, heart-wrenching and heart-warming. I loved it from the first episode, and have only loved it more with each new watching (which, honestly, has been 1-2 times per year). 

Also, Gillian Anderson did the little PBS introduction thing for it each week. So it was pretty much fate.


How did geekyness bleed into your childhood? Were you raised by geeks? Don't forget to join the conversation on tumblr using the hashtag #everydaygeekjuly. Tomorrow (Day 24) was supposed to be our third vlog argument, but some crazy scheduling leaves us without a video (woops!) so tomorrow is a free day! Catch you guys Saturday!

Happy Thursday! xoxo

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