Sunday, November 30, 2014

Things Cousins Say

Ena, age 4 at the time, goes to a Chinese restaurant with her family. The waiter speaks very broken English, but eventually they order and he walks away.
ENA: That's the problem with these places, they all speak Spanish.

On our Missouri trip last summer, loading up to travel home in my uncle's amazing mini-bus.
ENA: I claim the seat behind the driver!
AJ: But you got it the entire trip out!
ENA: That's why I should have it on the way home.

^Logic only siblings understand.

Also in Missouri, touring the Mark Twain caves:
TOUR GUIDE: (jokingly) It gets pretty tight up ahead, so you might need to push the person in front of you!
ENA: (observing the larger man ahead of us) He's all yours, Lily.

After taking a bath, Abby (6 at the time) runs into her parent's room without any clothes on. 
ABBY: (Looking at herself in the mirror) I'm Bee-Auu-Teee-Fuuuuul!

^No self-esteem issues with that one.

This Thanksgiving:
LILY: Ugh, Beanie, you're so naive! I don't even know what that means but I know it's bad!

On New Year's:
LILY: I owe Ena $5.
ME: Why?
LILY: Because I didn't workout yesterday morning.
ME: So why do you have to pay Ena?
LILY: Because I bet her that I would work out every morning, and if I didn't, I'd pay her five bucks.
ME: And why did you agree to that?

ENA: Lily, I brought you a sweatshirt.
LILY: I've already got one!
ENA: Yeah, well I brought you one that matches.

As our preacher walks up to give the sermon.
JAMES: Not this guy again! Doesn't he ever get tired?

While making no-bake cookies. 
ME: (scooping in the oatmeal).
LILY: You guys should make oatmeal with that sometime.
ME: We do, Lily. It is oatmeal.
LILY: No! That's not oatmeal, it's oats!

*cue long argument where Lily claims that it's oats when it's uncooked, and oatmeal once it is cooked, and I argue that when a recipe calls for oatmeal, you put in uncooked oatmeal, not cooked oatmeal. Dad eventually feeds the argument by googling it.*

Meanwhile, AJ is up in his room, playing video games with friends:

LILY: (loudly in the background) IT'S CALLED OOOOAAAATSSSS!
FRIEND: Um, what was that?
AJ: Lily and Gillian are arguing about oatmeal.

Happy Sunday! xoxo

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