Saturday, November 29, 2014

Maybe Christmas, Perhaps, Means A Little Bit More

First snow.

Lots of coffee.

One ridiculously rich chocolate chip cookie pie.

Two stents without electricity (but hey, it's back on now).

Several failed Monopoly games. 

Lots of family.

Two movies.

One re-created photo:

And a whole lot of peace, contentment, quiet (and not so quiet....) in rotation the past couple of days. 

And really, who could ask for more?

We get so caught up in the flow of what's trending. We jump from media to media, endlessly scrolling through things we consciously don't care about yet can't pull away from. I recently read this post about using technology to connect. What stood out to me the most was when she said we scroll when we're most seeking to connect.

How sad is that?

We're sitting there, craving the love and support and interaction that only friendship can give, and we fill that void by scrolling. Maybe it's why we stalk our crushes...we want to interact with them, and that's the most painless (and least vulnerable) way to do it. 

My biggest Christmas pet-peeve is this little speech, which I've already received three times from three different family members: "Don't be expecting a lot for Christmas, because we're broke and we can't afford to do much."

This speech annoys me. So. Much. Because really, I do expect a lot for Christmas. I expect my grandma's homemade rolls, and my mum's favorite cookies. I expect get-togethers with family and friends and lots of teasing. I expect embarrassing stories to be told about everyone. I expect people to make the effort, and to hug me when they walk in the door. I expect phone calls from friends and Christmas cards with real notes in them and gifts that people are excited to give, even if it's really small. I expect people to express their love of the family. I expect people to want to be here. 

Nobody has money. I don't have money. I won't be giving any big, fancy gifts. But I have already made my list of things to give out, and I'm really excited to wrap them up. I'm really excited to hang out, and have Christmas music on the radio, and curl up in a cuddle puddle to watch Elf and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

I'm really tired of the commercialization. It's made us treat Christmas as both too big...and too small. We've created a month-long Holiday event so covered in garland and lights that people dread it. At the same time, we've lost sight of the simple things that make Christmas special: the favorite cookies, the movie tradition, the cousins, the traveling to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

Why are we so afraid to live a little bigger?

And dig a little deeper?

To really look inside of ourselves, and with enthusiasm love people? And see the little things? And realize the importance of the big things?

Why can't we skip that one line, Merry Christmas facebook post, and call up our best friend to say it?

Why can't we stop apologizing for not spending a lot of money, and instead find the perfect gift for someone, even if it's super small?

Why can't we go back to handing out the homemade fudge, or that knitted scarf, without feeling like it's 'not good enough'?

Why can't we add a little, personal line to Christmas cards?

Why can't we remember to ask how people are really doing when we see them at the family party?

And why can't we try to keep this going all year?

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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