Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doing It All

Guess what!

You don't have to be good at everything!!

No, seriously. 

I have a natural penchant for wanting to do everything. And in a way, blogging's intensified it. I'll find a new blogger that I absolutely LOVE...and suddenly I'm whisked away, inspired by her life to completely change mine. 

There's this blogger; I'm sure you've all got your own version of her. The Perfect One. She has a million children, a cute husband, and is insanely fit. She's got the best hair, wears heels in literally every outfit post, cooks, bakes, crafts, gardens. Plus, she runs a pretty successful blog and seems to have endless cash to buy the newest makeup products and clothes.

Honestly, reading her...I get a little bit of the green eyed monster. Why can't I be completely awesome and on top of things??

But here's the thing: Superwoman doesn't actually exist. Technically, there was Supergirl, and there was Wonder Woman, but no actual Superwoman. She literally does not exist.

So we get caught up in the thinking that such a thing is attainable, when it's completely not.

Recently I wrote a post about just being yourself. In it, I mentioned that being your authentic self is about embracing your good points, and your bad points (funny how no one ever talks about that last one).

Part of not being like everyone else is accepting that we will not be perfect. Because if we were perfect, we'd all be boring clones. And nothing interesting would ever happen.

This past year, I made the definite decision that skating was not only what I wanted most, but also something I had to fully commit to. That's meant a lot of things, but mainly facing the fact that I can't do everything. Or at least, not do everything and expect to be good at anything. You have to make two combined decisions: what to do, and what to not do.

That face...
So, in that spirit, here's a list of things that I can't do. Someday I might. But for right now, I'm terrible at these, and am choosing to be okay with that.

1. Knitting. I've been knitting my current scarf for 2 years, with a plain old boring knit stitch. And many mistakes.
2. Sewing. I always end up crying. And with so much anxiety it's stupid.
3. Cooking dinner. I've always wanted to have a day of the week where I cooked dinner. But we don't, because scheduling is a nightmare and I should probably just do schoolwork. Oh, and I can't cook.
4. Have gorgeous handwriting. I'll never be one of those Instagram-ers with witty handwritten quotes on post it notes, that's for sure.
5. Actually have an Instagram. I love the idea of it...but, lack of smartphone=lack of insta-posting=pointless INSTAgram account.
6. Crafting anything. I stink at crafts. Like, legitimately stink at them.
7. Put my hair in a bun with one hair elastic. HOW IS IT DONE? I'll probably never know.
8. Read a book a week. Unfortunately, the time just isn't there (right now).
9. Blog for a living. This is a big one. I've really had to step away from the whole GROW, BLOG, GROW! mindset. Right now, it's not what I need (but hopefully someday!).
10. Go to more estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores. I'd love to spend weekends just driving around buying junk. :)
11. Make up recipes. Especially baking recipes.
12. Learn to swing dance, and actually go dancing. How awesome would that be?

What's interesting to you, but something you have to say no to right now?

Outfit Details: top //  hand-me-down, pants // old navy, belt // thrifted, bandanna // walmart, flats // payless, sports bra //  kohls.

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