Thursday, October 31, 2013

Never quite made it...

While I'm away visiting family in Missouri, I've arranged some pre-written posts for you to enjoy. Thanks, Dad, for publishing them! :)


Though you wouldn't think so based on the number of outfits I post, I do take lots of pictures of outfits. For some reason still unknown to me, the good intentions always loose flavor when it's time to actually put the pictures into a post. So there they sit, taking up space on my computer....

But today is there moment! Please enjoy my hodge-podge of never-quite-made-it-on-the-blog outfits! :)

June, 2012. Now I want to wear this to church again! White pencil skirt, Mardens; black blouse, thrifted; peeop-toe heels, Mardens; Boston hat, Fanneuil Hall.

July 2012. Wore this to watch fireworks! Shorts, thrifted and re-fashioned by me; tee, Walmart; sweater, thrifted; belt, came with another pair of shorts; ribbon, Walmart; anklets, gift.

September, 2012. Just wore this again the other day! White blouse, JC Penny's; gingham sundress, made by me; flats, Payless.

September 2012. I love this as a summer/fall transition outfit. Short sleeve sweater top, thrifted; plum tank, hand-me-down; denim cut-offs, thrifted and re-fashioned by me.

November 2012. I wore this outfit again in January for 4-H interviews. Merino wool blazer, thrifted; gray pencil skirt, JC Penny's; peep-toe heels, Mardens.

January 2013. So warm and cozy! I seriously love this outfit. :) Green cardigan, JC Penny's; houdstooth dress, JC Penny's; textured tights, Walmart; peep-toe heels, Mardens; clutch, Payless.

May 2013. Wore this outfit on Easter! Boston hat, Faneuil Hall; sweater, thrifted; blouse, JC Penny's; gray pencil skirt, JC Penny's; gingham wedges, Payless; clutch, Payless.

June 2013. Seriously. I love this outfit to pieces. Floral blouse, thrifted; denim cut-offs, thrifted and re-fashioned by me.

Conclusion: all my good clothes come from thrift stores, outdoor pictures turn out better, I shouldn't attempt selfies, and I should do more outfit posts. :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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