Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 Day Disney Challenge!

Hello! Recently while browsing around Pinterest, I stumbled across this...:

Doesn't it look like fun? It was originally used on a Pinterest board, here. My super awesome friends Deanna  and Mikaela loved the idea, so together we're going to do it as a blog series!! You're welcome to join, of course, just leave a link in the comments to your posts. :) Make sure to spread the word! It will be so much fun to see everyone's favorites. :)

First off, the rules:

  • There will be one topic a day, from April 1-April 30. 
  • In your post, include your favorite, first runner up, and least favorite. 
  • Pictures are optional, but very much appreciated!!
  • Leave a link to you in the comments. Please remember to link to the specific post, not your blog!
  • Please remember to include links to all three of us...
Which brings me to...who exactly is hosting this?? Let me introduce you to...

Mikaela from The Mixed Up Skier. We became friends while she was still homeschooling here in NH and we still hang out as much as we can. :) Mikka is a biathlon and nordic skier, lover of Star Wars, and high school senior.


Deanna from Time Lady Geek. We've known each other for ages (neither of us can remember how long...), and we love doing 4H and tons of other things together. Dia enjoys acting, writing, reading, playing the harp, cats, sewing, and tons of other things, as well as fandoms like Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. :)

These girls are the best, and I couldn't live a day without 'em. :) We're all very excited to be hosting this together! Even if you can't do all the days, we'd love to see you pop in for a few! Also, if you don't have a blog, make sure to tell us your favorites in the comments!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Hey, thanks for inviting me!!! This sounds like super fun!!! Isn't Pinterest great for blog inspiration... ;)

  2. It really is. :) I'm so glad you're in! Thanks for following me, by the way. :)