Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A working day...

I was so inspired by yesterday's dots and stripes theme from the Modest Ladies Fashion Show over at Through the Lilac Bushes, that I put together another dots outfit!
I had a full day of work planned, which called for my one and only pair of jeans! As most of you have probably noticed,, I never wear pants! I don't know, though....these are loose fitting and slightly reminiscent of the '40's, so I have warmed up to them more lately. :)
Can I take a minute to discuss the lovely garden I'm modeling in? I would love to take credit for it, but it was really all Mum this year! She started planning and getting seeds ready super early in the year, and has done tons of reading about. We've harvested so much awesome stuff already! And there's still time for more before frost!
By the way, I've been in love with this sweater lately! I don't know how many times I brought it to the fair for those chilly early mornings. Just last year I was almost scared to wear it out in 'public' because it was a 'granny sweater'. Then, after following tons of blogs with modest and vintage fashion, I finally came to my senses and realized that it's an extremely practical sweater with the cutest cable knit and matches so many other wardrobe pieces. Plus, it's really fitted and doesn't stretch at all! So, what was I worried about? 

Oh, I should say something about the title I chose....what work did I accomplish yesterday? Well, I cleaned out the sheep pen, which was definitely needing a good mucking out before winter. Also, I did a little extra schoolwork and unpacked clothes leftover from our regional fair. :) I did sneak some knitting in during the evening, though, which I was very excited about. :)

I've been really in the mood to blog lately, plus I have tons of material at the moment, so you should be seeing more of me for the next week or two! 

Thanks to Mum for taking the pictures! 

And as always, thanks for reading! :)

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