Saturday, June 13, 2015

Don't Call Me A Good Little Church Girl

Because when you have no other photos to post, post a selfie.

I am on such a high right now after Lady's Day at church. Seriously.

We had am absolutely incredible woman come speak to us today, named Stephanie. She used to run a shelter for homeless women and children in Memphis, and she talked to us about her process, faith, and the important difference individuals can make.

While listening to her speak, it was like every sentence out of her mouth connected dots for me. She echoed some random things I've been thinking about lately, and tied them together in a logical way I hadn't yet.

A theme she kept coming back to was the difference just a small, committed group of people can make. That size and resources don't matter as much in comparison to commitment. That the smallest things we do can sometimes have the biggest impact.

This is actually something my economics class (of all things!) touched on. It talked about how we are all leaders, because there is always someone watching us. Okay, so maybe it's just your little brother or the kid next door....but they might grow up to be a judge, or a cop, or a business owner. And they're watching you.

We all have influence. The only questions is whether it is positive or negative.

And I don't mean this in a 'someone is watching so you better behave!!!!' way. I think it's the difference between being polite, and going out of your way to help someone. Being smart, and being innovative. Being honest, and putting yourself out for someone else.

For the past six months or so, I've been in a fit over the term 'good little church girl'. A guy called me that a couple months ago, and I hated it, although I didn't know why. He meant it to be cute, but it bugged me.

And I've finally hit on why. The world tends to view Christians as those that have chosen to live a boring, low-risk existence. That they avoid 'fun' because they're scared of life. And that thinking is so flawed. To so many people--the apostles, Paul, modern Christians in Egypt--being Christian has meant living a life full of danger, daring, and risk. I bet they all wish their faith was more 'boring'.

But even for Christians living today in parts of the world without persecution, faith isn't (or shouldn't be) boring. There are still so many ways we must live bigger because of it. So many ways we could help. And even if you aren't persecuted for your faith, it still takes guts to live it out despite the people around you.

I don't like being called a 'good little church girl' because that makes me sound naive. And innocent. And dumb.

And my faith isn't naive, it's informed.
I'm not innocent, I'm intuitive.
And my faith isn't dumb, it's wise.

Looking at Stephanie, you would never call her a 'good little church girl'. She has too much depth for that. Her aura is smart, and strong, and fierce, and full of heart. Which, really, is what true Christianity looks like.

The world has it wrong.

Happy Saturday! xoxo


  1. Being called a 'good little church girl' is very annoying...

  2. When I first saw the title I was like....Beanie What?...then this honestly made me laugh very hard it's so you