Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Skates

This week, I took a deep breath and *gaaaaaaaasssssspppp* bought new skates. 

My old ones were about three years old, and seeing as I'd been eeking them out for a year longer than I should have, it was high time I got some new ones. I ended up sticking with Jackson's, but bought the Supreme's instead of the Elites. They're more expensive, but they (supposedly) break down slower and provide more support. They are so cushy compared to my old ones! It's almost humorous how much bigger the ankles are. 

With all that padding, though, comes a super stiff boot. Today was my second day skating in them, and I cannot believe how stiff the tongues of the boots are. I can't bend at all! Breaking these in will definitely be...interesting. I think once I feel comfortable, I'll love them--but the journey to actually getting comfortable is going to be rough. 

I spent about a half hour of my practice today in my old skates. Oh my poor babies, I'm gonna miss you. My coach said it best--my old skates practically feel like sneakers at this point. We've been through a lot. In three years, those skates have gotten me through four moves tests, four freeskate tests, and laughs in the locker rooms before shows. I landed my axel in them. Perfected my layback spin in them. Did splits and 135's and shoot-the-ducks and tons of other fun stuff in them. I tried out for TOI Boston in them. I even carried them around New York City for 24 hours just so I could skate at Rockefeller Center in them. 

I'm really excited about my new skates. But I'm not gonna lie and say it isn't bittersweet.  

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  1. Ahh how exciting! It'll take time, but it'll feel so great once they're finally broken in!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules