Saturday, July 19, 2014

A History of Pretty Dresses

Here, then, is a tribute to all the fancy dresses that have served me well. :)

eighth grade

So 8th grade was my first dance (oh my word SUCH a HOMESCHOOLER). It was the semi-formal at 4-H Teen Conference, and I wore my 'cranberry dress' that I got as a Christmas present. :)

B and I are way too cool for you.

First dance of freshman year was prom! My friend Maggie organized this one as a senior project, and it's still one of the most fun dances I've ever been to! I wore a retro-inspired black dress Mum and Dad gave me for a Christmas present (can you spot a trend? :P).

All the single ladies!!
Back at 4-H Teen Conference, I went a more casual route and wore a strapless eyelet dress I found at a thrift store. While I loved the idea of this dress, it was a bit big, which made for a rather obnoxious night of constantly pulling it up. Never made that mistake again!!


In my sophomore year I went to Atlanta for National 4-H Congress. There were two awesome dances (again, they belong on the list of favorite dances ever!). Only one was formal, and since I had to bring something that could be rolled up in a suitcase, I re-used my black dress from freshman prom!

And none of us were ready for a photo...
Choosing a dress for sophomore prom was...interesting. I planned to make my dress, but after all the frustration of the actual construction, I abandoned the finished project and instead stole a dress from Deanna. We made countless jokes that I looked like Megara from Hercules, and she was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I totally see it! :)

That summer, at my third TC, I forgave the dress I made (grudgingly, but still) and wore it to the semi. While the dress is far from perfect, I'm still glad I wore it to something.

It was so windy on the boat...almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment!

Seems too soon for a re-cap, but I loved my junior year dress. I bought the Lady Love Song dress from Modcloth when it went on sale in December, and wore it to both prom and TC semi!! Gosh, I love this dress. It's retro yet somehow modern, surprising comfortable, and just a ton of fun.


Since I enjoy over planning things, but only when I can ignore timely things that actually need my attention, I've already thought about next years dress/es.

For prom and TC semi, I've been eyeing the Cumulus Cascade Dress from Modcloth. I love how wonderfully 60's mod it is, and all the lace, but I'm worried a bit about length. It's only 33.5 inches...and I'm we'll have to see.

I'd also like to get a fun dress for my graduation. Still very little idea about what I'd like to do, but hey, at least I know what I want to wear! I love this Lunch with the Ladies Dress from Modcloth (again). The flowers...and the bow...the lovely back...and pockets! Again, though: I'm a little worried about length.

So, there we go! My life of pretty dresses. :) I really do love my clothes...not gonna lie.

PS-Tomorrow I have a tryout for TOI...crossed fingers much appreciated!

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  1. Oooo! What a fun post! I really like clothes too, haha.