Sunday, June 22, 2014

2 Years

I just realized that you have to read this backwards. Brilliant.
Today marks two years since my first-ever post on Young Yankee Lady (which I'm refusing to link to because it was terrible).

Most people write blog-iversary posts and talk about how they 'never imagined what this blog would turn into.' I can't really say that. From the start, I wanted to be a fantastic blogger. I wanted to give people advice and be revered for my constant wit. I went through many phases and many different snobby voices.

But now on the 2 year anniversary, I've got a new and improved Young Yankee Lady to share with you!

You see, I love reading story blogs. I love waking up and reading about how someone spilt coffee on their shirt, and how that led to an amazingly strange turn of events. I like reading about how couples met, or about someones most awkward moment, or about how they finally did something they didn't even think they were capable of. I love reading stories about normal people. It makes me happy, and in a grander sense, it gives me a bit of hope for my own mundane life.

You see, I just like to tell stories. I like to talk about people and the mundane little things that lead to great things. On a daily basis, there are so many random things I want to tell you guys. Funny things, weird things, heartfelt things. And I feel like I've been limiting myself trying to blog about 'how to do whatever'.

I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not put together, I don't have a grand success story, and I certainly don't have secrets to improving your life. I don't have secrets to improving my life. But what I do have is a voice.

Since the start, I've had the wrong attitude towards blogging. It became something else I had to worry about and plan and get done. I was putting too much energy into something that wasn't part of my goals. I love blogging, I love the outlet, but right now my goals are skating and school. Everything else is extra.

So I've deleted every pin on Pinterest that linked back to this blog. I'm no longer doing link-ups for the sole purpose of leaving my link somewhere. And I'm no longer doing a two-month blog schedule. Right now, I'm just blogging because I want to. I'm going to share more stories, gush more, and vent more. I'm going to post as I have time and just go with it.

So, that's what Young Yankee Lady's working towards. There'll still be book posts, and probably outfit posts--but I'm going about them in a different way. My goal now is to tell stories. And brighten someones day. And let that poor little person who just spilt their lunch wrap all over their lap, and then walked straight into the fridge, know that they aren't alone. Because I might have just done that.

So, here's to two years! Let's meet back up in a year and see where things are, okay? :)

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