Sunday, May 25, 2014

s o m e d a y s

Someday...I'll land that axel.

Someday...I'll skate my way around the world.

Someday...I'll have my own apartment. And my own Boston Terrier. And possibly pink cabinets.

Someday...I'll afford a better brand of mascara.

Someday...I'll be done with school.

Someday...The nine-mile bike loop will be easy.

Someday...I'll support myself by writing and skating.

Someday...I'll succeed at being more spontaneous.

Someday...there'll be dates.

Someday...I'll actually keep fresh flowers on my desk.

Someday...I'll qualify as 'put-together'.

Someday...I'll actually finish my to-do list.

Someday...the work I put in, despite the doubt, will pay off. Most times, I loose sight of that. I forget that I study so I can graduate so I can go to college so I can write. I forget that I work so I can skate so I can have opportunities so I can skate with Disney. But each decision, big or small, shapes my life and the person I'm trying to become.

The truth is, I've been in a slump. I've just felt overwhelmed, and like everything I was doing was pointless. I've started to snap out of it. And then today, I read this post from Humans of New York. I can feel the focus coming back. Guess what? It's not pointless. Everything matters. Really. Everything. The early mornings, the late nights, the yoga, the skype chats. Everything counts towards what I'm building. And the funny thing is, that seems so simple right now. So obvious. And I can't believe I lost sight of it.

Someday might be a ways off. But at least it's coming. And each day I feel more driven to reach it. 


  1. someday there be a date hahah I'll be your date!!

    1. haha! Come home and we'll go on a date! :)