Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Intermediate MIF!!

So, guys: today I passed my Intermediate Moves in the Field test.

Whoo Hoooo!

Nothing compares with passing a test, people. NOTHING. It's really affirming. You feel like you're on the right path, that you (maybe) have things together, and that things will work out and goals actually will be reached.

This past week, I was nervous (the last week's always the hardest, am I right?). But today, I zoned in the moment I got to the rink. Stretching went well. My warm up was great. And I was just able to get out and do my job.

I can't wait to start working on the Novice MIF test. It's got all new stuff, rather than building on old patterns, and from what I've heard is a big jump up after Intermediate. Still, I'm so excited! I love learning new moves patterns, and having something new to work towards is a great feeling.

So yeah, I'm kind of psyched. I was really happy with how I skated today, because I was able to focus and control my nerves rather than collapsing in a pile of wobbles. And now, I can start in on a new goal. It was a great day, people!

Thanks for reading. :)

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