Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't Mind Me.....Downton Abbey, Season 3, Lady Edith

Note: This post may, most likely will, contain spoilers! You've been warned!

Hello! How many of you have been watching Downton Abbey, Season 3 (you lucky ducks in England already had it ages ago!)? Now I'll admit something right now; I haven't really gone all gaga over Downton Abbey in general. Season 1 was okay, but not my favorite Masterpiece Classic, and Season 2 seemed a little times. I'm almost watching Season 3 as some 'duty' to myself to see how it finishes up. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed it, but Downton Abbey won't be making my top favorites list...

With that mini rant out of the way...which is your favorite sister? Lady Sybil has always been my favorite, and I loved her even more when she married Branson. He is amazing! For some reason, my favorite characters always end up being some revolutionist driver.....

Today I'm not going to talk about Sybil and Branson, though (they're coming later!). Instead, I thought I'd focus on the lovely Lady Edith!

I've definitely liked Lady Edith's character more in this season than I have ever before. She's a quiet person, used to not really asking for anything and living in her sisters' shadows. How can she compete with perky, rebellious Sybil, or outspoken, dramatic Mary? To the family, she always seems to fall to the wayside, and as a result, usually does to the audience as well.

All these characteristics should make you feel sorry for her, right? Love her because she's misunderstood? Pity her when her people disregard her? Well, the funny thing is, it doesn't. We may feel sorry for her, but we don't love her as a martyr.

To me, it's because I don't see her as having many redeemable qualities. She doesn't stand up for herself, form her own opinions, or have any confidence in her own abilities. Worst of all, she always feels sorry for herself. Rather than getting up and actually doing something, she just moans and becomes more bitter.

In the last episode (episode 3), however, she finally showed some grit. Recovering from the shock and disappointment of being jilted at the alter, she has trouble finding a purpose. I just love this quote from Lady Violet Crawely, as played by Maggie Smith, "Edith Dear, you're a woman with a brain, and reasonable ability. Stop whining, and find something to do."

And she does! Taking her opinion on the English woman's right to vote (in light of America ratifying the 19th amendment)  she writes to a local paper, more for the sake of something to do than to actually have anything published. A lady, write to a paper, on women's rights? Suffice it to say, it came as rather a shock to Lady Violet and Lord Grantham. I can't wait to watch Sunday's episode to see what more they have to say about that!

The fact that Edith wrote that article really improved my overall opinion of her. For the first time I can remember, she did something totally independent, seemingly without qualms, and didn't back down when confronted by her family about it. I think that her break up with Sir Anthony left her fed up and rebellious towards her life in general, and writing to the paper was her way of doing something outside of Downton Abbey and all it signifies.

Though Downton Abbey isn't my favorite Masterpiece Theatre, I am genuinely enjoying the third season! And who knows, if they keep developing Lady Edith, I might just have a new favorite character!

Your Thoughts? What are your overall thoughts of Downton Abbey and/or Season 3? Which is your favorite sister? Do you like Lady Edith's character, or feel that she's too 'whiny' or 'need'? What was your opinion of Sir Anthony leaving her at the alter? Do you think she wrote to the paper for a want of something to do, rebellion, both, or neither? Who would you like to see me feature in another 'Don't Mind Me....' post? Do leave a comment!

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