Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thoughts on Thankfulness: Turning Thoughts Into Actions

Hello Everyone! Now, I had originally planned this to go up several days after my Thoughts On Thankfulness: Counting My Blessings post, but things got in the way and I had to postpone it until now. Even though it definitely is rather Thanksgiving themed, though, I decided to go ahead and publish it as we should really be thankful year round, and not just during the holidays. 

While it's very good (and certainly important) to feel thankful, we must remember that expressing our thanks is a huge part of life. Expressing thanks has many rewards; it can brighten someone's day, encourage acts of kindness in others, and teach us not to take our blessings for granted.

So, how does one go about turning our thankful thoughts into acts of kindness? Here, I've put together a quick list of thoughtful gestures you can use to show the people you love that you care. These are especially sweet as we approach the hectic time of Christmas. :)

1. Give a Surprise.

If you owe a lot to someone, why not surprise them with a sweet gesture or even a small gift? It doesn't have to be anything big....bake their favorite cookies, buy a copy of that new book they've been eyeing, or leave them a sweet note somewhere. Just do something.

2. Write a Thank You Letter.

I know this sounds painfully obvious, but unfortunately many people have gotten out of the habit of writing thank you notes. I know this is something I've been trying to be better at! Don't limit your thank yous just to gifts, either.....always send a note for recommendation letters, to teachers or coaches, and for kind gestures.

3. Help Out.

Pitch in around the house! Don't limit yourself to just your regular chores or the things you're asked to do; fold laundry while watching TV, bring your books up to your room as you walk by, or unload the sink while you're digging for your favorite coffee mug. Honestly, it doesn't take that much time out of your day....just implement it as you move around the house. Your family will certainly notice, and appreciate, the extra help. 

So, those were my thoughts! Do you have any special ways you like to express your thankfulness, or have you been thanked in a special way?

Thanks for reading! :)

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