Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creativity and Adventures

As a chronically lazy person, I do best with a busy schedule. Ironic? Maybe, but it's true. When I have free days, I end up spending too much time on the computer, or watching TV, or something else a little bit useless. On busy days, though, I find the most inspiration. I feel more relaxed and upbeat after a crazy, creative, happy day than one I actually spent resting. That's not to say I don't feel the need for breaks...I do. It's just that my best breaks consist of spending an awesome weekend working at a fair with the best friends a girl could hope for (like last weekend!), curling up with books that might be challenging but are worth it, and finally tackling a pile of clutter. 

I said I was lazy....but I do like a sense of accomplishment. 

To me, happiness means creativity, creativity leads to adventure, and adventure means a full life. So really, it all comes down to an attitude. If I wake up in the morning and consciously decide to make the best of the day and live with a zest for life, it will be a great day. 

Sometimes, I forget that my big goals, like skating and school, are part of being creative, too. I'll start to view them as chores, instead of as opportunities that will lead to even greater opportunities. Instead of feeling like I 'can't be creative right now' because I don't have time to write a novel, I should find little ways to instill that creative attitude into every aspect of my life.

If there's one thing that's rang out loud and clear to me, it's that life is an adventure. Some people's adventures consist of exploring the Amazon and touring Europe...and some don't. But that's OK. Because the act of living, of relationships, of getting an education, of reading, of working, of doing every little thing throughout your day, is an adventure. 

So go live your life. Work towards something big. Get up and do that little task you've been dreading, because it will bring you closer to your goal. And drink a cup of tea while doing it. I swear it will make it more enjoyable.

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