Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Paper and Pen Type of Girl

I love to organize, file, and label things. I think nice notebooks, accompanied with nice pens, are vital to anyone's existence. I love chronicling the seemingly normal parts of my day through to-do lists, journals, and sticky notes.

While all this may seem slightly obsessive, I genuinely love the feeling of writing things down. It makes me feel in control, professional, and that my life is at least managed chaos. Here are the notebooks and lists I use on a near-daily basis:

My skating notebook. This is something new I'm trying. I keep this journal in my skating bag, and use it to record where I skated and what I focused on. It's also great for listing goals and test dates!

My list notebook. This is where I record weekly lists, shopping lists, and homework to complete.

My journal. This is my very much loved day-to-day journal. I absolutely love the way my crazy cursive looks inside of it. I never have rules with this...I write whatever comes to mind. This journal catches every emotion I'm feeling.

My planner. After checking my list notebook, I make a daily to-do list in here, as well as record dates and times for events.

My writer's journal. I started this while in Mrs. Z's creative writing class earlier this year. Here I save inspiration, write random snippets, edit, and plan blog posts!

My prayer journal. I don't use this enough, unfortunately. But it is a great way to think of prayers that might have gone unsaid otherwise.

My life-list. After coming back from National 4-H Congress last November, where I'd heard Dan Thurman speak, I sat myself down and created a life-list. It's just a plain legal pad, and I've currently got 122 goals, both big and small, listed on it.

So there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my paper-obsessed life. Got any notebooks you can't live without? Tell me in the comments?

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I love my notebooks and lists, too! I've even got my husband in on the paper and pen thing now, too, we have a journal that we share, in addition to all of my other notebooks for different purposes.